The Adventure Continues… Coastwalk

I had never seen this 2003 episode of Golden Coast before today, but I immediately recognized the area in Salt Point State Park where Huell went for a hike! I also feel more than a bit jealous of the lucky group of Coastwalk hikers who made the three-month journey from the Oregon state line to the Mexican border. It must have been extremely challenging — but what an awesome experience! Coastwalk California continues to play an active role in coastal preservation and outreach. You can find more information about the Coastal Trail Expedition 2003 (CTE ’03) by clicking here.

The organization Coastwalk was founded to shift perception of the California coastline from one of a few isolated beaches and accesses to one of many continuous miles of unbroken beauty. Huell gets a firsthand look at portions of the California Coastal Trail, the 1,200 mile route along the entire length of California’s spectacular and diverse shore from Oregon to Mexico.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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