Ocean views

Horizon line, Mendocino Headlands

I could really spend hours gazing at the ocean off the Northern California coast, and I sometimes manage to shoot a few pictures as well! We were fortunate to make it over to the coast on three separate trips last year, in April, September, and November. It was the first time in ages that I’d seen the coast in springtime, and as I’m sure I’ve mentioned at least once before, the abundant wildflowers were irresistible. In November we finally made it as far north as the village of Mendocino on a beautiful but very windy day.

Long view, November 2021; Goat Island is on the left

No way down here

On our most recent trip a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t drive north as far as the headlands but stopped to check out the Spring Ranch Nature Preserve, just south of Mendocino Bay. It was another breezy day, and this time the sunshine was more subdued, the waves were a bit more wild, and the birds were feeling cheeky.

Spring Ranch, March 2022; this small beach faces north, toward the Mendocino Headlands, barely visible, top right, in the haze

Rocks and tide

Black oystercatcher

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