Throwback Thursday: Avery’s Pond & Mormon Ravine

I have returned many times to Rattlesnake Bar on Folsom Lake for the hike to Avery’s pond. Last Thursday I shared a few 2006 images from this beautiful area, so this week I’m jumping ahead 10 years with photos from a hike we took on April 1, 2016. I previously posted some of these pictures back in May 2018 (see WPC: Liquid).

In recent years I’ve frequently found this horse watering hole completely dry; but when it’s filled to overflowing in the springtime, it’s a very picturesque spot.

Lake on the right, Avery’s Pond on the left

Folsom Lake near the mouth of Mormon Ravine

Mormon Ravine (which the Big Guy has dubbed “Pumphouse Cove”) can be a great spot for bass fishing when the water is high enough to allow boat access. Above is the view from the north bank, looking toward Folsom Lake’s North Fork. Notice the muddy waters in the foreground — the result of outflow from PG&E’s Newcastle power plant, pictured below.

Rocks and rapids at the back of Mormon Ravine

Mormon Creek, another great photo opportunity

After crossing Mormon Creek, the trail continues north along the lakeshore

View from the north bank of the creek, with the trail visible top center

Heading for home after a long day of hiking and fishing


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