Stornetta, north and south

There is so much room to roam over the Stornetta Public Lands near Point Arena that during our three separate visits I’ve only managed to scratch the surface of this beautiful coastal hiking area. In September 2021 I thought I was doing pretty well when I managed to walk from the northern gate to the private road running from Highway 1 to the Mendocino College Field Station. I’ll admit, it took me a few minutes to figure out the gate leading to the southern end of my trail.

Clearcut area near the private road

Highway 1 lies somewhere in the distance

Now, where’s that gate?

Oh — there it is!

Earlier this year, I actually hiked from the south entrance all the way to the north gate. I absolutely enjoyed the journey — but believe me, I was so relieved to find the Big Guy and get a ride home in the car!

One of three creeks that cross the trail

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