The Adventure Continues… Scotia

Normally around Christmas I like to feature one of Huell’s holiday-oriented episodes. This year it seems I’ve run through all of the most obvious Christmas-related segments, so I’ve settled for one that originally aired on December 24, 2004. (If you’d prefer to see an episode about the holiday season, you can find one of my favorites by clicking here.) I would also note that I had this particular episode lined up for today prior to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Humboldt County on December 20 that has disrupted power and water supplies county wide. Here’s hoping that life soon gets back to normal for all the residents of this beautiful part of Northern California.

Things have changed quite a bit for the town since Huell’s visit to Scotia. The Pacific Lumber Company filed for bankruptcy in 2008. While the sawmill operations continued under new ownership, the company-owned neighborhoods had to be divided into private lots and then sold to individuals. It would be interesting to see how much has really changed in this close-knit town after such a major shift in their community.

Huell travels to the Northern California logging town of Scotia about 20 miles south of Eureka. It’s a historic company town where Huell learns about how this unique community played a vital role in the history of the region and the development of modern forestry.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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